The Best Gifts For a Child’s Third Birthday Party

There are many ideas of gifts that will make a third birthday party special for a child. From the popular Piccalio balance board to a beanie style hat, we have something for every child. Personalized shirts are also a great gift idea.

Piccalio balance board

The Piccalio balance board is a multifunctional toy that is aesthetically pleasing, safe, and encourages imaginative play. This large board is made from European beech wood and has a non-toxic finish. Your child will be amazed by how versatile this toy is!

This multifunctional board can transform from a balance board to a boat, cave, or bridge. It’s a great indoor toy on rainy days, too, and encourages creative play and physical development. It can be used by children to practice balancing and is great for both adults and children to train on.

For the youngest kids, a balance board is an excellent choice. You can buy one for them to play alone or with their friends. There are even versions with multiple beams, which allow multiple children to play at once. You can find wooden balance boards at WoodenBalance.


The Toniebox is a digital audio player with a ton of content. Kids can enjoy stories, songs, and videos featuring Disney characters and popular stories. The box’s library also includes educational audio titles. Each month, the company releases new titles.

The Toniebox connects to wi-fi and plays audio content. It also comes with a tiny hand-painted character called a Tonie, which plays songs and stories. Its soft and durable design makes it perfect for toddlers, and it is great for bedtime routines.

Parents often struggle with screen time, but the Toniebox is an innovative, screen-free solution. It can last for up to seven hours between charges. It includes 52 minutes of kid-friendly music and stories. It also has a built-in microphone, so parents can easily communicate with their toddlers.

The Toniebox is easy to set up and use. All you need is a Wi-Fi network and password details. After that, the toybox will prompt you to input information from its base. Once set, the child will be entertained with hours of stories.

Bluey playhouse

If you’re looking for a gift for your child’s third birthday, then you’ve come to the right place. This Bluey playhouse is one of the best gifts you can give him or her. This toy is made for children three years and up, and it comes with furniture and figurines. The playhouse measures about 17 inches tall and 30 inches wide. It has more than 50 sounds, a moving dance floor, and can be closed up to keep all of the furniture inside.

It comes with a number of accessories, including a garbage truck, two trash bins, and a blue figure. The Bluey playhouse is an excellent introduction to dollhouses for kids. And you can feel good about giving it to a child – 100% of the proceeds go to conservation charities.

The Bluey playhouse also comes with an animated movie that explains the meaning of friendship. It teaches children to make friends and to have fun. The toys will help your child develop independence and confidence. Your child will love playing in it, and you’ll be proud to give it to him or her.

Personalized shirts

The first birthday of a child is a special occasion, so parents do everything they can to make it memorable. They choose a theme and book a venue. Then, they pick personalized birthday shirts for every child in the party. Watching the kids all dressed in matching shirts is heartwarming.

Personalized birthday shirts can be a great gift for a child’s birthday. You can choose from several designs and styles, which are both cute and affordable. A cocomelon-themed shirt features a fun design on the front, which will make your child feel special.

Personalized birthday shirts for girls are another great gift idea. They can be worn with jeans, skirts, or shorts, and will look great on your little girl. You can even get a shirt that celebrates the birthday girl’s favorite movie. Whether it is her favorite character or her favorite Disney princess, the shirt will make her birthday memorable.

Jewelry box

If your kid loves to show off her jewelry, you can give her a beautiful jewelry box. The Memory Building Company offers a lovely jewelry box made from pine fiberboard, which makes it sturdier than many of its cardboard counterparts. It’s decorated with a pirouetting ballerina on a spring, and when the box is opened, it plays the Waltz of the Flowers from the Nutcracker. It also comes with a risk-free guarantee – if your child doesn’t like her jewelry box, you can get a replacement free of charge.

A jewelry box is a special gift that makes a girl feel special and loved. This is especially true if it comes with personalized jewelry, like necklaces or bracelets. For the ultimate girly look, add a little extra to the box by decorating it with her favorite pieces of jewelry.

Personalized bedding

Personalized bedding is a fun way to make bedtime extra special for a child. Personalized bedding can feature a child’s favorite character or a name. A favorite peg doll maker offers affordable custom work. The twins will love their new bedding and it will make bedtime extra special!

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