Best Birthday Gifts for Meme Lovers

Do you have friends who are obsessed with sharing memes on the internet? Do they use multiple social media platforms to share these hilarious images with their friends? Consider buying them a birthday gift related to their obsession just to put a little fun into getting older! There are tons of ideas on the internet, but here are a few of my favorites. We all need a little bit of fun in our lives.

Coffee Mugs with Memes

For the crazy coffee lover in our lives, a coffee mug with a customized meme that relates to their personality is the perfect birthday gift. Not only will they find it funny, but they will also have another unique cup for their morning coffee! We can never have too many of those. It may even become their favorite. Plus, we all could use something funny to wake up to in the morning!

If you don’t know what to add to the coffee mug, one of the iconic Nicholas Cage memes are always fun to read! You can also do a google search based on topics you know your friend likes and pick the funniest one you find!

Funny Meme Stickers

If your loved one is into scrap booking or enjoys other arts and craft projects, funny stickers with various images and sayings would be an ideal gift to add to their collection. A quick search on Amazon will bring up a variety of stickers based on the type of jokes your birthday friend is into or even based on their favorite shows or activities.

They can add these stickers to their car, electronics, notebooks, or even their favorite t-shirts. Amazon has a bunch of vinyl stickers available as well, which can add a little fun to a variety of surfaces! You can also add a meme sticker to your favorite gag gift. If you don’t know how to do this, you can take it to your local arts and crafts store to have it done.

What Do You Meme? Board Game

Board games are such a popular gift because of how fun they are to share with others, and this one is no exception. The company that made this board game understood the humor present on the internet, so they wanted to bring that humor into the family room with your favorite people! This board game has a ton of different editions available- Family Edition, The Office Edition, Teacher’s Edition, and even Spongebob addition. This game has become so popular that they recently added a “Create Your Own” edition where you can upload your own images and captions to a few of the cards as more of a personalized touch. It is the perfect gift idea for a variety of humor types!

“Don’t Be Meme” Card Game

Have a friend who loves to play cards? The “Don’t Be Meme” card game is a hilarious, kid-friendly card game that the whole family can play during their next game night! The main objective is to match the image cards with the perfect caption, creating the perfect meme. The cards direct whoever loses to do funny things as a consequence. Since the kids can play it too, they can play it nearly anywhere. They can bring it on camping trips, long car rides, and tons of other places! If you are looking for something for adults-only, this company also makes an array of adult funny card games!

Customized Welcome Mat

Does your birthday friend have an old, worn-out welcome mat? Perhaps they plan on moving soon and could use a new one? You can customize a welcome mat for them that says literally anything you want, and you can include images as well. Think of the kind of jokes they typically make or a meme you saw them share on social media recently that described them really well.

Is your friend a cat lover, for example? You could design a humorous cat meme welcome mat to let everyone who comes to the front door know that they are the crazy cat lady! There are so many customizable options, so get creative and design something unique! or Etsy are both great places to customize your next welcome mat.

It is often difficult to find the perfect gifts for meme lovers because there is so much to choose from in stores and on the internet. It can be frustrating trying to narrow in on what they will truly enjoy based on their personality and what they love to do. These meme-related gifts are the perfect mix of thoughtfulness and customization, so your birthday friend will know you really put some thought into something they will like. They are all inexpensive but include just the right amount of humor for our funny friends!