Second birthday return gift ideas [More Fun Between Friends!]

Every child loves being invited to birthday parties and spending time with their friends. Parents spend lots of time and money planning the perfect birthday party, especially for children in the 1-5 age group. The first few years are typically the most vital when it comes to celebrating with the best birthday party ideas.

Mom and dad have a tough job all year round and they usually enjoy the birthday parties as much as the kids. Parents usually select a party theme based on popular culture and what their young child likes at the time. Planning for a party includes finding a theme, buying party supplies, and marking fun return gift ideas.

A return gift or goody bag is something that parents give as takeaway gifts to thank children for coming to the birthday party. Since most guests bring a birthday gift for the host or hostess, it makes sense to also provide a small token to show appreciation for the guests. Choosing a birthday return gift is an important part of the planning process, and must take several conditions into consideration. The ideas discussed here are designed for smaller children and are most appropriate for a 2nd birthday.

Fun Stuff For Girl Children

There is an abundant selection of party supplies for girl birthday parties. Matching a party favor to a birthday party theme is an easy task when mom chooses from the most popular ideas available. Finding the best return gifts for a girl parties is usually pretty easy. Girls love pretty things.

  • Dress Up Kits
  • Fancy Make Up
  • Photo Props
  • Baked Goods

Most young girls love to play dress up and wear pretty, glittery, and feathery things. Even by age two, girls enjoy pretending they are grown up or playing fun games. Fairy tale gifts are perfect for this age group.

Food makes an easy takeaway gifts for girls. Return gifts that involve food should consider allergies and dietary needs. Cupcakes, lollipops, and baking kits help keep memories of the party alive and well long after the event.

Fun Stuff For Boy Children

A second birthday party for boys will surely involve lots of adventure! Boys are generally more active and make more noise than girls. Most boys like gifts that make noise, light up, or encourage action. Choosing a party theme for boys is a bit more challenging, but there are new products and ideas coming to market all the time. Some of the most popular and fun ideas for a boy child return gift include:

  • Lunch Box
  • Mini Trucks and Cars
  • Soccer Ball
  • Fidget Spinner

Overall, gifts for boys should be practical, functional, and fun. Board games, puzzles, and small athletic equipment make great return gifts for birthday party occasions. Considering that many return gifts will be lost or even broken within a short period of time, it is wise to find an inexpensive birthday return gift for a young child.

Over The Top Ideas

Parents of course put so much energy into birthday parties for their young children that you would think the party is for them! In a way, a second birthday party is more for the parents and other adult guests than for the children. When two year old kids and toddlers attend a party, they are there to have a bit of fun for the moment. By the time they are done with the cake and ice cream treats, they are ready to fall asleep and are not likely to remember the events from the party in a day or two.

Fun return gifts can be given out to parents at birthday parties for small children. Since the parents are the ones responsible for transporting children to parties and buying a birthday gift for each friend, a good mom hostess plans for her adult guests as well. Depending on the overall party budget and what is remaining after purchasing the party supplies, here are some fun, over the top ideas for adult partygoers:

  • Scented Candle
  • Personalized Gift Basket
  • Refreshing Beverage
  • Gift Card
  • Board Game
  • Branded Phone Charger

How to Tease Friends

Creating a party atmosphere does not require as much effort as many people put forth in the planning stages. Most parents and adult guests are satisfied to simply sit around in a positive environment and enjoy conversation. Uninterrupted, adult conversation is one of the many privileges available to parents of young children who attend a well planned birthday party.

Enjoying inside jokes and lightly making fun of one another for past parties or other parenting mishaps helps parents and adults bond in group settings. Parents and adults can also brainstorm and come up with other party ideas for the next birthday child. Passing out return gifts at a second birthday party ensures that the party will be fondly remembered, and of course, that the favor will be returned in the near future.

Adults can also partake in their own games during the birthday party. Whether they want to indulge in card games, board games, athletic competitions or simply have a nice chat with some tea and friends, parents should also have fun. Consider setting up a branded photo shoot complete with props that match the party theme. Parents can take selfies and capture lots of great pictures to commemorate the occasion. Guest books, virtual or physical, are a great way to create a living keepsake and remember who attended the birthday party. This is also a practical way to ensure all thank you cards are accounted for and sent out in a timely manner after the party is over.