Best gifts for electricians [Absolutely Shocking Ideas!]

Electricians daydream about gifts they would love to receive but rarely do. Their jobs are complex but their ideas about gifts are often not what most gift givers might expect.

The first thing to know before choosing a gift for your favorite electrician is what would best suit his or her personality. A few clues can be found in the work they do.

For example, electricians are intensely detail oriented. So gifts can be rife with details most non-electrical individuals would not notice.

Electricians tend to work as a team which is an indication that an electrician gift can be something an electrician would share with the team.

The occasion for the gift giving is also important, for example, birthday, graduation, bridal showers, bachelor parties, anniversary and a retirement gift that could incorporate an electrician’s special interests with the occasion celebrated.

Choosing Best Gifts For Electricians

Best gifts for electricians can be personalized, dramatic or humorous depending on the occasion and purpose of the gift giving. For example, these can include:

  • Personalized toolbox
  • Oversized, monogrammed coffee mug
  • Stainless steel bucket with hand tools filled with wire cutters, splicers, synthetic coils and rope
  • Plastic bucket filled with a T-shirt, small tech flashlight and gifts cards for lunches or donuts and coffee at a favorite shop
  • Pair of photochromic tech sun glasses
  • Mitt to remove fog and dirt from glass surfaces
  • Windchime shaped as an electrical outlet as a keepsake with the date of the special occasion imprinted on it
  • A “must have” compact size drill
  • Foot massager or vibrating spinal chair cushion
  • Mini broom with extension handle
  • Pair of long needle tip tweezers
  • Tool bag with embossed business logo

Different Gifts for Specialist Electricians

Just as not all electrical systems are exactly alike, in the electrical industry there are specialists, such as an electrical engineer and a journeyman electrician.

Try to customize the gifts for these electrical specialists. They address the needs of a residential, commercial and industrial custom and standard electrical system according to customer specifications.

For instance, an electrical engineer may be responsible for the design, development and testing of hi tech equipment such as a PLC (programmable logic controller) or the development of a high voltage circuit breaker system.

These types of equipment always require regular testing for precision, accurate operating efficiency. Thus they also supervise the process of testing and calibration of equipment.

  • Gifts for an electrical engineer can encompass a wide range of choices such as:
  • Bamboo and stainless steel toothpicks shaped like small testing probes
  • Wrist supports to prevent repetitive functions on computers and other equipment
  • Hand held GPS to keep track of each step of the team’s testing locations
  • Battery powered mini circuitry tools
  • A designing pen and stylus with multi use such as LED light, ruler and screw driver

The journeyman electrician’s job is based on electrical work and inspections on residential, commercial and industrial internal and external wiring, installing and testing of fixtures, electrical outlets, upgrades to electrical voltage systems and various other types of electrical components. The journeyman electrician often interfaces with HVAC systems that are electrically wired for efficient operations.

  • The types of gifts for a journeyman electrician can include:
  • An up-to-date compilation of electrical guides
  • A hand-held battery powered wall stud finder
  • Really cool flashlight gloves
  • A handy combination beverage and food cooler and bench for lunch breaks on the fly
  • A voltage meter that attaches to a keychain
  • Heavy duty work gloves with full range of motion
  • A wire stripper
  • Magnetic wristband
  • Strong magnets to detect electrical currents
  • Knee pads

Many electrician’s hands tools are manufactured by Klein Tools and are sold by home depot. Klein Tools are well known to most electricians for an electrical system project. They are the favorite of retired electricians for their at home hobby and DIY projects. Klein tools are the ones to look for when choosing a retirement gift.

Absolutely Shocking Gift Ideas for Electricians

An electrician gift can be based on a hobby, DIY projects for a DIY retired electrician or simply for adding some humor to an electrician’s work day with funny electrician gifts.

These gifts can be personalized or custom made. Take into consideration whether the electrician is a jokester or is amused by funny gifts that brighten a monotonous project. That helps make the choice of gifts easier and more fun for the gift giver too.

Funny electrician gifts can include:

  • A hoodie with an electrical diagram embossing
  • Funny hard hat stickers
  • A mini tool belt with manicure implements like a nail clipper, file and orange wood stick.
  • A chair cushion with a Danger High Voltage warning design
  • Electrical circuit board engraved cuff links or tie tack
  • A headlamp for working in dim light

. For jewelry lover electricians, choose a bracelet with tiny lightbulbs links or a simpler one made from multiple strands of copper wire secured by a tiny electrician’s wrench for the clasp.

. For the hobby electrician or DIY retired electrical engineer, choose a stainless steel multi tool that includes a crimper and wire stripper

Don’t forget accessories for the man cave or She shed such as:

  • An electrical wall sign
  • . A complete set of beer, wine and whiskey glasses
  • . Drink mixing tools
  • . A plush rug with a Danger Zone design
  • . Wall hangings with electrical diagram designs
  • . Bar lights in lightbulb shapes or with electrical wrench bases

The Most Common Shockingly Funny Electricians Gifts

In addition to the usual mugs, T-shirts and bandanas with funny sayings, include these with:

  • “When the lights go out, call me.” (Add a phone number)
  • A large coffee mug that says “I am a power lord which a “c” that turns the word lord into cord
  • A travel mug with “Wizard of the Wires” embossing

Useful, Fun Gifts for Electricians

  • Custom pajamas with an electrical business logo design
  • A T-shirt with the electrician’s hourly rate
  • A monogrammed hand towel with electrical design and electrician’s initials to tuck into a tool bag
  • A hooded bathrobe and slippers with two small wire snippers embroidered on the robe sleeves and slippers.

Don’t forget to include electrician gifts for holidays. Holiday gifts are always an ideal time to give a magnetic wristband, a copper wire bracelet and teeny strong magnets a jeweler can turn into earrings for female electricians.

When and Where Electricians Gather

When the annual Electrician Industry holds their organization meeting, keep gifts in mind that are free advertising on business cards to exchange and other business items like give away phones designed like a wall stud finder, a custom aluminum safety blanket, tote bags and many other items with the electrician’s business logo.

Make the Gift One of Kind

Perhaps one of the most fun electrician gifts is to fill a tool bag with a variety of favorite snacks like chips, cheese and cracker packs, granola crunchies and sweet treats like packaged cookies and candy.

This is a gift that is much appreciated for birthday, graduation and retirement parties. They are a special hit at bridal showers and that last gasp of freedom for the groom at bachelor parties.

Keep in mind that most electrician gifts are cost effective. Just be sure they are highest quality. For electrical tools and equipment, be sure there is a warranty on defects.

Cost is never as important as quality when it comes to gift giving. Choose brand names over lesser known products to maximize quality.

Consider a Gift Registry

To avoid gift duplication, consider a gift registry. Many large stores like home depot who offer these kinds of customer favors. This is a good idea for party planners and it is a big party time saver and ensures the electrician gets a broad range of fun, useful and unusual gifts.